Radiohead is back. If those three words do not,  in some capacity, evoke thoughts or meaning beyond their literal face value definitions; so be it. (although I probably wouldn’t believe it) 

Radiohead’s return, naturally, coincides with the release of a long awaited new studio album: A Moon Shaped Pool 

 Throughout their already historic career, spanning an impressive 23 years, Radiohead has undoubtedly followed a formula of two extremes. Essentially, at any time the band is either in a period of ‘all in’ or ‘all out”. That being said, it was only fitting, to begin touring  one week after the album’s release. The initial concert reviews have been, and continue to be, nearly unanimous in high praise. All reports were also noting how each night, the band was purposely playing at least one (or more) songs from deep in the the band’s discography.

Having already teased “Creep” during Friday night’s 1st encore in Amsterdam (5/20/16), the possibilities, were undoubtedly swirling in the imaginations of even the most pragmatic of fans.

That being said, It just doesn’t get much better then Thom Yorke’s taunting of the crowd, before fully committing to playing the song. The flawless performance of the band’s most ‘burdensome’ song, is quite an impressive example of reclaiming the narrative. Finally, truly owning the song again after more than two decades.

Video: Radiohead Live “Creep” Le Zénith, Paris 23/05/2016

Video 2: Was shot within a much closer proximity of the band. The vantage point of the floornis almost always responsible for a more memorable perspective, when viewing.

Radiohead – “Creep” – Paris 05/23/2016

Radiohead performed their hits “Creep” and “No Surprises” live for the first time since 2009 at the band’s Paris concert Monday.
Radiohead performed the third concert of their 2016 tour Monday at Paris’ Le Zenith, and while the band continued to showcase their new LP A Moon Shaped Pool onstage, Thom Yorke and company also dove into their catalog to deliver a pair of surprises: Radiohead’s first performance of “Creep” and “No Surprises” in nearly seven years.

Video: Radiohead playing “No Surprises” at the Zénith in Paris on May 23, 2016. First Parisian show of fA Moon Shaped Pool Tour


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