Video: Tool – Opiate (Live DVD 2015)

Tool. Opiate (New Version). Live DVD 2015. Halloween. Monster Mash.

Major gratitude to the devoted, and always reliable, ToolArchive. Once again, they have delivered an excellent fan sourced, Tool Live DVD. Tool’s long awaited return to the stage, occured on Halloween (10.31.2015) in Tempe, AZ.

Tool Live DVD 2015. Full Concert. Halloween. Monster Mash. Tool Live 2015.

Yes, I made yet another one of these “Tool Live DVD” things. It’s far from perfect though. I had to edit a few transitions when I just didn’t have any video material. But I think it’s ok overall. The audio is my processed matrix of both audio recordings by LeifH and MeddleEarth. Huge thanks goes especially to dickblitzky and Chris Jacobs for their 2 amazing video angles of Tool’s Halloween concert, please subscribe to them!

00:10 No Quarter (first time played in 17 years)
14:31 Maynard has news
15:17 The Grudge (first time played in almost 13 years)
24:26 Parabola
34:34 Opiate (New Version)
45:17 Schism
53:10 “You Ready?”
53:20 Ænema
1:00:53 Descending (New Song) (Partial)
1:05:32 Jambi
1:13:42 Forty Six and 2
1:19:53 Drum Solo
1:26:11 Vicarious
1:34:09 Stinkfist

via ToolArchive


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