The Jompson Brothers w/ Blackfoot Gypsies, and The Other Brothers at the Exit/In, Nasville, TN Tonight

Born in the garage, built for the arena. The Jompson Brothers are a new vintage of Rock’n’Roll. A riff driven, fist pumping sonic assault fronted by Grammy-nominated vocalist Chris Stapleton. JT Cure (bass) and Bard McNamee (drums) provide the tight, chest-thumping back line while Greg McKee brings the lead guitar swagger.
18+ Show

Tickets $8


Gabe and Nate Hensley started the OBs in 2001 with Wichita Westfall–Reid Small and Nathan Colburn joined shortly after in the summer of 2001. During the last 8 years, dozens of musicians have donned a diverse array of instruments and took the the stage with the OBs all over the state of Kentucky and parts of Tennesse. Currently, promoting “Heart Handcuffs”(the self-released-freshman album), looking to book some out-of-town gigs, working on album 2, and doing gigs in Lexington with the current line-up– Gabe, Nate, Dan Mohler, Kyle Keith, Jonny “Keyboards” Grossman and Dave Clark. more >>>

The Blackfoot Gypsies is the bombastic melding of Matthew Paige, singer/songwriter and guitar player, and Zack Murphy, tenured drummer from Nashville, TN. With the attitude and swagger of vintage country and rock lore from the past, the Blackfoot Gypsies is paving their path as one of America’s next contributors to the legacy of rock and roll! The authentic trans-western vibe has been masterfully crafted in the traditional roots of American music. We can hear the influences of Bob Dylan’s ragged vocals, Robert Johnson’s slide and blues soul, and Willie Nelson’s stories. Tough yet occasionally tender, the Keith Richards-inspired riffs and thunderous rhythms of Led Zeppelin are contrasted by Gram Parson’s angelic sense of country music.

The musical journey of the Blackfoot Gypsies includes some great successes in 2009: selection into the Texas Rock Fest, several non-official showcases during SXSW, a first national tour, a coveted slot on Mike Grimes’ Americanarama III showcase during the Americana Music Festival, and gigs all over the country.

The music crosses all boundaries creating fans of all ages and backgrounds. The Blackfoot Gypsies create timeless American music that feeds the American soul. more >>>

The Jompson Brothers were born in a garage in Nashville, TN as a result of late-night jam sessions between Chris Stapleton (vocals, guitar) and Greg McKee (guitar). Bard McNamee (drums) and J.T. Cure (bass) were soon added to the equation, more jamming ensued, and the band was complete. In September of 2010, the band was invited by Zac Brown Band to come along as a performer on the Sailing Southern Ground Cruise.

Their self-titled debut (produced by Frank Rogers) was released in the Fall of 2010 and has drawn comparisons to Led Zeppelin, Gov’t Mule, and Drive-By Truckers. The band has begun 2011 by playing shows all around the Southeast to eager and enthusiastic crowds.