The granddaddy of electronic music has released an iPhone app

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Moog Filtatron

Here at Switched, we love things that make noise. And when it comes to noise-making, few names have a stronger pedigree than Moog. The granddaddy of electronic music has released Filtatron, an iPhone app based around the classic Moog Ladder Filter that gives the company’s analogue effects and synths their distinctive sound. You can use the digitally modeled classic filter to manipulate input from your iPhone’s mic, recorded audio samples or the built-in oscillator. Filtatron even has a small bank of effects for adding distortion or delay to your sounds. While the preset samples and sound settings are fun to play with, you really unlock the power of the app when you start processing tones from the oscillator and your own recorded clips by manipulating them with the pads. You can change practically any settings or levels using the pads, allowing you to sweep through delay levels, play the oscillator or pump up the distortion. The pads are split in two so that you can alter two settings at once.

In our short hands-on with Filtatron, we were impressed with its responsiveness and the quality of the sounds it produced. Our one complaint is that some of the controls were tough to manipulate on the iPhone’s tiny screen. (An iPad version should help to alleviate that problem.) Grab Filtatron for $4.99 if you’re in the mood to create your own beautiful dissonance, but be sure to check out our hands on video after the break (as well as the official teaser from Moog).

by Terrence O’Brien on October 19, 2010 at 05:45 PM


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