The Best of 2010 (So Far) /via @muzzleofbees

I had heard a little over half of the list. The other half of the list is why I read muzzleofbees. Regardless of whether or not I agree 100%. It’s still one super solid best of 2010 list.

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I realize that we’re well beyond the halfway point of 2010, and that other blogs have already chimed in with the record’s they’re loving this year, but I was thinking about my favorite albums of the year today and decided to put them out here for everyone to see. There’s plenty of year left, so it will be interesting to see which albums stick with me until the end of December. So here goes, in no particular order, my favorite releases (thus far) from 2010.

Frontier Ruckus | Deadmalls and Nightfalls (buy)
Video: Frontier Ruckus – “How Could I Abandon?”

Strand of Oaks | Pope Killdragon (buy)
MP3: Strand of Oaks – “Bonfire”

Common Loon | The Long Dream Of Birds (buy)
MP3: Common Loon – “Dinosaur vs. Early Man”

Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore | Dear Companion (buy)
MP3: Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore – “Something, Somewhere, Sometime”

Roadside Graves | You Won’t Be Happy With Me (buy)
MP3: Roadside Graves – “Liv Tyler”

The Tallest Man On Earth | The Wild Hunt (buy)
MP3: The Tallest Man On Earth – “Burden of Tomorrow”
MP3: The Tallest Man On Earth – “King of Spain”

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang | The Wonder Show of the World (buy)
Video: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – “The Sounds Are Always Begging”

Broken Social Scene | Forgiveness Rock Record (buy)
Video: Broken Social Scene – “Love Sick”

Nathaniel Rateliff | In Memory Of Loss (buy)
Video: Nathaniel Rateliff – “Shroud”

Damien Jurado | St. Bartlett (buy)
MP3: Damien Jurado – “Arkansas”

Delta Spirit | History From Below (buy)
Video: Delta Spirit – “White Table”

Conrad Plymouth | Conrad Plymouth EP (buy)
Free Download: Conrad Plymouth EP

Phosphorescent | Here’s To Taking It Easy (buy)
MP3: Phosphorescent – “The Mermaid Parade”
MP3: Phosphorescent – “It’s Hard To Be Humble (When You’re From Alabama)”

Sam Quinn | The Fake That Sunk A Thousand Ships (buy)
MP3: Sam Quinn – “Suite Motown”
MP3: Sam Quinn – “Gun”

Arcade Fire | The Suburbs (buy)
Video: Arcade Fire: “Ready to Start”

The National | High Violet (buy)
MP3: The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”

Juniper Tar | The Howl Street EP (buy)
MP3: Juniper Tar – “Birds In Trees”

Titus Andronicus | The Monitor (buy)
MP3: Titus Andronicus – “Four Score And Seven” (Part One)
MP3: Titus Andronicus – “Four Score And Seven” (Part Two)

Breathe Owl Breathe | Magic Central (buy)
MP3: Breathe Owl Breathe – “Own Stunts”


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