Our Little Baby’s All Growsed Up: @ Antiquiet Launch v5.0

We’re beyond excited to officially welcome you all to Antiquiet version 5.0. This is by far most extensive revamp since our inception in August of 2007, and there’s a lot of new features to check out.


This is the result of tons and tons of effort, going back several months now. We wanted to do more than just make all the same stuff look different. We wanted to solve every architectural issue that was keeping us back, and we wanted to make Antiquiet more than just another music blog. That shit’s so 1998. With so much shit out there right at our fingertips, what we music fans need most is a good filter. And you’re not going to get the job done by chasing evanescent hipster trend alerts. Our radar just got a hell of a lot bigger, in all four dimensions. More no-bullshit opinions, spanning every genre, present, future, and past. Before I get ahead of myself, let me just run down some of the key new features to check out:

1. Reviews / Release Calendar

Our new reviews homepage isn’t just a list of the latest few 1,000+ reviews we’ve written. It now features a calendar of everything that’s out, everything that’s coming out, and what we think of it. You’re about to discover a lot more good music, and we’re going to help you avoid a lot more bullshit.

2. Albums Database

Not only have we revamped our artist pages (more on that in a sec), but every album in our database, reviewed or otherwise, has its own page with cover art, tracklist, and siblings. This includes albums that came out before Antiquiet was born. At this moment, there’s not a ton there. But we’ll be filling these out over time.

3. Artist Database

You can now browse and search our artist database much more easily, through our new artists page. The artist pages themselves have also been revamped, to show more related articles, and albums in the database. We’ll be filling this database out over time as well.

4. Greatest Hits

There were so many great pieces buried in our old blog format. To find our awesome interviews with Jesse Hughes, or The Bronx, or Neil from Clutch, you’d have to go digging back months and months through the archives. Hell, you’d have to know they were there. Even we forgot about some of them! No more. We’ve tagged our coolest shit, and you’ll see random things pulled from that library, on the homepage, below articles, and wherever else we feel like bugging you for page views. They’re worth your clicks, we promise.

5. The Antiquiet Newswire

Look, contrary to what we’ve occasionally said, we’re not the only cool website on the internet. There are a few others. No, not Pitchfork. Not NME. Not Rolling Stone. Fuck all of those guys (and girls). On our newswire, you’ll see news feeds from sites we hand-selected, sites that we trust and are happy to vouch for. Sites that don’t kiss ass. That tell shit like it is. Some of them cover different stuff than we do, but that’s why they’re there: To make sure that you get everything you need, everything you want, and also everything you don’t need and pretend to not want. For now it’s antiMUSIC (no relation), Rock It Out! Blog, TwentyFourBit, Consequence Of Sound, Amy Grindhouse, and Insurgency, Inc. We’ll add The Audio Perv too, when he fixes his damn RSS feed. More to come eventually.

6. Social / Threaded Commets

Thanks to the fine folks at IntenseDebate, we’ve got an all-new comments system. You can now subscribe to comments via email or RSS, you can reply to individual comments, you can vote comments up or down, and you can even login via Facebook or Twitter. IntenseDebate’s support team helped us import all of our existing comments (over 9,000 of them) and user data. So however you used to comment should still work exactly how you’re used to, and if you’ve been lurking, now’s a good time to pull the stick out of your butt and join the party.

There are a bunch of other little things (like multiple page articles; Be sure to read page 2 of this one), but those are the big ones we don’t want you to miss.

We’ve been kicking this site around in the lab for awhile now, but we’d be foolish not to expect some bugs and quirks to surface once this thing is out in the wild. If you see something broken or weird, please do let us know. Comment here, or tweet me @skwerl.

There are a bunch of other little features we’ll be adding in addition to filling out the content. For instance, Facebook launched all their super cool ‘Like’ stuff right after we had locked a super tight development schedule down. While it didn’t make the cut for launch, it’s something we definitely want to work in ASAP. You’ll be able to like articles, like artists, and recommend albums. Should be cool.

Now for the mushy stuff.

When we started this site, it was a stupid little blog using the default WordPress theme. We didn’t spend months hatching a take over the world / get rich slow scheme, we just punched a little hole in the internet through which to outlet. We actually kinda covered everything but music for the first few months.

The point is, we never saw ourselves as leaders building an empire, but rather followers looking for a purpose. As you guys found us and dug what we were doing, we put more time into what it was that you liked, and less time into what you didn’t. We evolved by listening to your input, and we simply wouldn’t be here if not for you, dear readers. We appreciate it immensely, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’ve ever retweeted us on Twitter, added us to a blogroll, shared an Antiquiet article on Facebook, or told a friend about us, you’ve watered this garden. On behalf of everyone that reads and digs this site, thank YOU.

Hope you like it.

Throughout the night and early morning, both founders of http://www.antiquiet.com/  ; @skwerl & @johnnyfirecloud, continuously updated, via twitter; avid readers/fans of the site that they were going to burn the midnight oil until they launched v5.0 of the site. Likewise and staying true to form with the ‘antiquiet attitude’ they had no qualms with boasting throughout the evening that v5.0 would most certainly be ‘kicking asses.’
As usual, they have delivered on their word and have truly outdone themselves…Antiquiet v5.0 does indeed kick ass.

-Congrats gentlemen,





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