Willie in Bronze: Statue unveiled in honor of Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson helped put Austin on the map as the live music capital of the world.

The ten time Grammy winner performs all over the world but he always comes home to Austin.

Now the community he’s called home for nearly 40 years wants to thank him with two big honors.

A bronze statue will be a permanent tribute to Willie placed on Second Street near the entrance of the new Austin City Limits studios downtown.

“Willie, more than anybody you could imagine in Austin’s recent history has helped define the city’s identity and make it the city of live music that it has become. This statue is a way of acknowledging that and thanking him for that,” says Lawrence Wright of Capitol Area Statues.

But that’s just part of the honor; Mayor Lee Leffingwell is proposing renaming part of Second Street between Trinity and San Antonio as Willie Nelson Boulevard.

“Yeah we usually only do that for dead people, but we’re making an exception in this case,” said Leffingwell.

Since Willie is on the road again his sister Bobbie was on hand for the big unveiling Thursday night.

The actual statue will be about ten percent bigger than life size.

The Austin City Council will vote on the Willie Nelson Boulevard proposal at its May 27th meeting.



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