Lexington Gets 3rd Music Radio Show with “The Other Brother’s Rock & Talk Showcase”

Variety is arguably the spice of life, even regarding music radio shows on our local airwaves. Soon to join two established programs originating from Lexington: The Other Brother’s Rock and Talk Radio Show, its producers and hosts hoping to add another entry of homegrown music-based radio programming to the national and international pipeline.

The idea is to produce a two-hour, live show featuring original talent including one local act and one national act per show.

The Other Brothers, a local staple of the city’s music scene themselves, know firsthand the necessity and need of promoting one’s sonic craft and enlisting new fans. Performing for a shade over five years now as a regular in the local music scene, they have diligently spread their rocking Gospel of roots, blues and Americana laced rock to the public.

Founded by brothers Gabe and Nate Grossman and friend Kyle Keith, they deliver their barroom southern style in the tradition of influences such as The Black Crowes, Tom Petty, The Flying Burrito Brothers and a splash of Rolling Stones’ edged twang. 

The Brothers released their first full length LP Heart Handcuffs back in 2009 and are currently logging time in the studio crafting their second album with high hopes for a 2010 release.

In true karmic fashion they are gearing up to lend a hand to their brothers in arms, namely other musicians, both homegrown and national, by providing an audio/visual platform to spread the word about their works.

Targeting a demographic age range of 20-to-50, The Other Brothers themselves will serve as hosts of the festivities that will include some brief, informative interviews with the local and national performers followed by 30 to 50 minute sets of the respective band’s music.

The pilot show, scheduled for recording on April 29th, represents plans to kick off a recurring series.

Much like the perennially popular radio program Woodsongs, the Other Brother’s Rock and Talk Show will take place at the historic Kentucky Theatre, which serves as a tailor-made backdrop for concert series/radio shows such as these. The show also aims to connect music hungry Lexingtonians with featured artists by way of probing and candid interviews prior to the musical performances.

The Other Brothers insist that their new show will be a “progressive, hip, and engaging new type of show, which promises to entertain from start to finish” where “art, music, and culture are meant to be intertwined to create an ambiance of professional entertainment and community involvement at each event.” The Other Brother’s purpose is to provide a viable sounding board for local talent that allows them exposure somewhere “other than a bar.”

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Be sure to take a look at the handy (& free to download) electronic pamphlet posted below for more details about the event, as well as head on over to FB, and officially become a fan to make sure you don’t miss a single update in the next 13 days leading up to the event.

The Other Brother’s Rock and Talk Showcase



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