Phish | #8 | Halloween is Around the Corner

Phish – 12/31/99 – After Midnight

Big Cypress – A peek into past Phish Festivals. A brand new experience is just around the corner in Indio, CA. Join us for Phish: Festival 8, Oct 30th, 31st and Nov. 1st. Visit for complete details.

Phish – 12/31/99 – Big Cypress “Free” from Phish on Vimeo.

“The Big Cypress Box Set is the holy grail of Phish DVD releases.” (via @glidemag)

Both of these video clips are of absolute supreme quality…from a time in the band’s history, in which many fans still feel was & will always be, the greatest night of music played by the band. Regardless of opinions on the band, their music, or their fan base, the all night NYE ’99 party that took place at Big Cypress broke boundaries and set records across the board. Multitudes, of which, that will stand for a very long time before another band comes anywhere near achieving their equivalent in the near future. Unless, of course, Phish feels the need to do so at Festival 8.


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