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“So here are my pictures and video from camp this year. Unfortunately my pics are a tad light. Was having way to much fun on Thursday night to think about taking that many shots, Friday it rained, and Sat I used all my battery filming the day set from a tripod. Big ups to John_Galt for lending me the tripod to shoot that set, once we get the video synced with his auds, I’ll have a full dvd image torrent available to download. For those that can’t wait, here are the youtube links. Some of them still may be processing, so give it some time if they aren’t HQ or present yet.” — Posted by dperls

Night 1 – Jam into Digital Buddah
Night 1 – Cyclone > End of Buddah

Tractorbeam vs Perfume Part 1 – Memphis > Lai > Memphis
Tractorbeam vs Perfume Part 2 – Rockcandy
Tractorbeam vs Perfume Part 3 – End of Rockcandy 
Tractorbeam vs Perfume Part 4 – Devo Frog Legs
Tractorbeam vs Perfume Part 5 – RLH
Tractorbeam vs Perfume Part 6 – RLH > Techno News from Nowhere
Tractorbeam vs Perfume Part 7 – End of RLH
Tractorbeam vs Perfume Part 8 – Calyspo / Bossa Nova Fiddler
Tractorbeam vs Perfume Part 8 – Honky Tonk Sound 1

— This is the largest batch of quality “fan released” content from last weekend’s festival that I have seen released so far. Nice work dperls.



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