25 Of Our Favorite Songs From 1984-2009 | American Songwriter


“The older one gets, the more one looks back at those years now gone. American Songwriter’s reached the ripe age of 25 and the best years are ahead. But as happy as turning 25 makes us, we decided to look back at all the songs we’ve found and loved since 1984, the year the magazine started.

Coming up with a list of favorite songs spanning a 25-year spectrum is far from easy, but it’s also a lot of fun. Thinking about songs we listened to on the radio (when we turned 16, before CD players were standard and before satellite radio), songs we danced to (sometimes with someone special, sometimes completely solo), learned how to play on guitar (not deftly by any means) and songs we sang along to (words memorized and belted way out of tune) ushered in countless memories. The process brought us together as a staff, just sitting around talking about the songs we love, while at the same time it affirmed the amazing songwriting that’s taken place between 1984 and the present.” – americansongwriter | July 1st 2009

— Lists of this variety are compiled almost daily in a time in which there are more online and print, music-based publications than ever before. All of which, have no problem rattling off opinions based on seemingly absolutely no frame of reference. However, this list is one of the best I have seen in years! The staff at American Songwriter Magazine not only hits the nail on the head, across the board with this list, but also provides compelling reasons for each and every choice.

~ @turnerburns

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