Stallions – 6/12/09_Bacchus Bar_Ownesboro, KY

Black Tar Gravy took the stage for their monthly 2 night stand, 6/12 & 6/13 2009, at Bacchus Bar in Owensboro, KY. BTG bass player, Tubesocks McCollins was too “ill” to perform for the 2nd set on 6/12.

What ensued was an impromptu performance by Stallions, a side project spearheaded by BTG rhythm guitarist and vocalist, Mark Evans, along with BTG lead guitarist & vocalist, T-Bagg, who actually plays bass as a Stallion, along w/ Elliot Berry filling out on drums.

Not only was the set incredible, it also marked the first time that Evans’ songs (written for Stallions) were tested in front of a live audience.

Check out and listen to Stallions at

~ @turnerburns

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