Beck keeping ahead of the game, as usual, w/ some nice upgrades on


“We are putting up a new section, a weekly DJ set, called Planned Obsolescence. These are mixes of what we’re listening to, put together by myself or guest DJs. Please enjoy.”


“The first installment is titled “Autobahn Hologram,” described as “a laminated miasma colliding on the bavarian trans expressway with american analog and voicemail emeritus… alabama nukes, rhineland jukes, pony tailed arch dukes, and the anatomically correct scapegoat…”

–Just finished giving the available 30 min of streaming audio a listen and can certainly say that my interest was never lost. The quirk-eclectic mix of the “DJ set”, can undoubtedly be more accurately described w/ the phrase “Beck DJ set”. The man can call it whatever he wants, I just hope he keeps releasing them at a fairly steady rate.

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